Minnesota man, Steve Schreader, has put together the ultimate Minnesota expedition!

His thought: Why is every outdoorsman always drawn to Yellowstone or the Rockies for a major expedition when you can do that right here in Minnesota?

Steve told KARE 11 that he's been plotting out this trip for about 8 years and is finally going to set out on Monday! And he won't be alone, he's bringing one of his good friends with and, of course, his dog.

Here's what his crazy adventure, which he named "Ode to Minnesota", holds:

1. Start at his home in St. Paul.

2. Bike up through Duluth to International Falls.

3. Canoe along the border of the US and Canada to Grand Portage at Lake Superior.

4. Backpack the Superior Trail to Duluth.

5. Bike back down to St. Paul!

Easy peasy! Nope, totally kidding!

He's planning on this trip taking about 2 months. And no, he's not being paid to do this or anything! He's doing this for his love of the outdoors, his love of Minnesota, and in hopes of inspiring others to get out and enjoy everything Minnesota has to offer.

Fun fact: Steve used to be one of my high school teachers and I'm not remotely shocked that he's doing this, he loves everything about the great outdoors and Minnesota too much not to!

Check out his interview with KARE 11:


Source: KARE 11


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