'Tis the season... already... I guess. No, not THAT season. Back-to-School season is here. And If you're looking to get the best deals when you stock up this year, here's a handy site that'll really help you save.


Back-to-school shopping sure has changed since I was last in school. Back then, my mom would schlepp my brother and me to Sears where we'd buy some of those non-faded, ultra-stiff Levis, a few new shirts a pair of new tennis shoes and some new socks before heading to Shopko, where we stocked up on notebooks, folders and maybe a new Trapper Keeper.

Today, though, back-to-school shopping is big business. In fact, this Inc. story says the average U.S. family will spend nearly $685 per child to get ready for school! Yikes! Of course, back-to-school shopping entails more than just folders and notebooks-- and these days, notebooks means a notebook computer, of course-- but electronic gadgets are also included on a lot of lists, as well.

Some states, like my home state of Wisconsin, have even started Back-to-School Tax Holidays, where for several days, you can stock up on supplies and items your kids might need, tax-free. (Wisconsin Tax Holiday is on now and runs through August 5th, btw.)

So, if you need a little help finding the absolute lowest price on back to school supplies, check out THIS site. Its slick database compares prices from all the big chain stores and lets you know where the best deals are. Good luck!

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