Even though it's July and we're in the middle of the hottest week of the year, the thought of winter never fully leaves our minds here in Minnesota, as evidenced by the response to this recent MnDOT post.

The gang over at the Minnesota Department of Transportation had a little fun on their official Twitter page earlier this week. They posted a video of a snowy Minnesota four-lane highway (I-35 maybe?) with snowplows in action, complete with the caption, "If you feel like you're melting today, just remember.... #winteriscoming"

And, like I said, even though we're all sweltering through a hot, sticky week of summer weather with heat indices that will be pushing triple digits by Friday, Minnesotans didn't take kindly to the reminder that winter isn't all that far away.

"Delete your account," is how the city of West St. Paul responded. The Minneapolis St. Paul International airport responded by posting a meme that said, "Shoo..." And those are just some of the responses we can print here. "Blocked and reported!" is how another Minnesotan jokingly responded. (At least I think they were joking-- maybe they were serious?)

So, yeah, even though it's summer, the thought of snow is always right there, just beneath the surface of our collective consciousness, isn't it? (And, along those same lines, have you seen how much daylight we've been losing here in Minnesota in just the last month?!? Check it out HERE!)

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