It's like nothing that has ever happened before. Large hog processors have closed their plants due to the spread of COVID-19 leaving those who raise hogs in a tough spot. Do area farmers euthanize the animals ready for the market? Do they hang on to them and cut back on feeding in the hopes of getting the animals to a smaller pork production facility? One local farming family, the Kluvers from Northfield, turned to social media to help.

According to a report from KMSP-TV, Brad Kluver took to social media to ask for community help in moving all or part of their 1,200 pigs that were no longer heading to Smithfield in Sioux Falls for production.

Brad told KMSP's Hannah Flood that in a little over 48 hours over 400 people had reached out to the post in regards to purchasing pigs to process.

A post on the farm's Facebook page has many comments from people asking about how to go about purchasing a pig to process.

If you are looking for more information about the farm or inquiring about a pig to process you can contact the farm here.

You can watch the entire KMSP-TV interview below.

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