Rice County Highway Engineer Dennis Luebbe went before the Rice County Board of Commissioners today requesting a date be set for the public hearing on proposed modifications to the 10-year transportation capital improvement plan.

Commissioners unanimously agreed the date for the public hearing will be Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner's Room of the Rice County Government Services Building, 320 Third Street N.W., Faribault, Minnesota.

The purpose of the public hearing is to receive and consider comments by the general public and governing bodies of cities and towns within the county.

Those comments should pertain to the Rice County Board of Commissioners proposed modifications to the 10-year Transportation Capital Improvement Plan.

In addition at today's Rice County Commissioners Meeting the County Board approved a request by Public Health/Nursing Director Deb Purfeerst on a recommendation by an outside accountant to increase the sliding fee scale for people without insurance.

Purfeerst told Commissioners not many county residents are using the scale because most have insurance.

The board also approved accepting a $100,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for the Rice County Sheriff's Office.  Sheriff Troy Dunn explained the 2020 Violent Crime Enforcement Teams Grant Agreement will go to the Rice County Drug Task Force.  The award is a 10 percent increase which Sheriff Dunn called, "A reward for the great work the task force is doing.  You all know they were chosen the crime task force of the year in Minnesota."

Rice County Attorney John Fossum also asked commissioners to approve a two year $70,000 2020-2021 Victime Services Grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  Fossum told the County Board the grant will be the primary funding source for the victim services provided by his office.

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