The CDC warns us every year: don't eat raw cookie dough!

Yeah, yeah, we know CDC, it's because there are raw eggs in the raw cookie dough and that could make us sick, blah, blah, blah.

Actually, that's not entirely correct. Yes, raw eggs are part of why you shouldn't eat raw cookie dough, but not the whole reason.

Turns out if you eat "raw" flour, that's also bad for you! What? Carlota Medus, assistant section manager for Foodborne, Vectorborne, Waterborne and Zoonotic Diseases at the Minnesota Department of Health, tells WCCO that flour is a grain that's "'not a sterile product – it’s intended to be baked or cooked.'” Flour, like all other grains, "are grown in fields near animals that can introduce contaminants that remain throughout the entire collection and transportation process." Gross!

So keep yourself healthy this holiday season and don't eat that raw cookie dough!

Ok, be honest, no matter what they say we'll probably still sneak a little bit of raw cookie dough anyway.


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