Here's something pretty cool for the Minnesota outdoorsman out there. Whether you love getting up at the crack of dawn to hunt wild game or reel in a whopper, you know that gearing yourself costs money.

So is there anything better than getting to potentially save some money on new equipment that was confiscated from someone else? Of course not!

The Minnesota DNR announced that they're holding a confiscated equipment auction this Saturday, August 4th. It's completely open to the public, and it's all going down at Hiller Auction Service in Zimmerman, MN starting at 10AM.

Based on the photos, it looks like the DNR is selling stuff like firearms, mounted deer heads, bows, deer skulls, and so much more! You can view a list of all the items available here.

Now exactly why were all these weapons confiscated? No idea! Use your imagination and bid away.

Source: MN DNR

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