Last Friday's Power 96 Cool, "Tragedy's a Comin'" came from Primus off their 2011 and seventh studio album Green Naugahyde. This was their first new studio album in 12 years and charted at No. 15 on the U.S. Billboard 200. The single failed to chart and neither did the other single, "Lee Van Cleef," which contains to a reference to the album title, the green naugahyde interior of a yellow Studebaker.

It's hard to put your finger on this quirky San Francisco rock band's musical style. They're a little bit funk, a little bit alternative, a little bit hard rock and a little bit of prog rock, with a healthy dose of humor thrown in just to keep things interesting and music critics guessing. They're not everybody's cup of tea but I enjoy them and recommend that you check out a few other tracks by them if you're so inclined: "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver," "Tommy the Cat," "My Name is Mud," "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" and "Shake Hands With Beef." Those tunes will give you a good idea what this band is all about.

Today I pay tribute to Keith Emerson from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Emerson passed away last Thursday at age 71. Listen at 4:35PM to the next Power 96 Cool One, brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts in Faribault.

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