16 years ago, Larry Backlund put a nesting platform for loons in his backyard lake because of his love of loons. Then Minnesota Bound connected with him and they set up a Live Loon Cam. This Live Loon Cam is what helped save the life of a loon chick earlier this week.

The Live Loon Cam is incredibly popular across the world. Thankfully, Larry was watching the Loon Cam when the chick got in trouble late last week.

KARE 11 writes, "The loons had two eggs; the first one hatched Friday morning. The chick and parents left the nest and later Friday, the dad came back with the chick on his back. When the dad jumped up, the chick fell off and was unable to get back to him."

The next day Larry didn't see the chick and so he went out to try and find the chick. He didn't find anything. He went out again around midnight that night and ended up finding the chick stuck in a small spot in the nest.

The loon chick is now at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.

Source: KARE 11


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