Mott the who? That's the question I usually hear whenever this band's name comes up but believe it or not they were fairly popular glam rockers in the early to mid-'70s and even attracted David Bowie's attention enough that he wrote their biggest hit, "All the Young Dudes," which has always had a Bowie-esque sound to it, at least to me. Now I know most listeners of Power 96 have probably heard that song a million times but I still wanted to play something to mark the passing of their drummer, Dale "Buffin" Griffin last Sunday. I also decided not to track "All the Way from Memphis" because that's an occasional deep track that we play, so I chose to feature "One of the Boys" from their album All the Young Dudes. The single clocked in at No. 96 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The album made to No. 89 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and No. 21 on the UK Albums Chart.

Join me at 4:35PM for this afternoon's Power 96 Cool One, brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts in Faribault, when we travel back to those gloriously fun heavy metal years of the '80s.

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